Indigenous Peoples Technical Report, Census of Population, 2021

Release date: March 20, 2024

Table of contents


1. Concepts and variables

2. Data collection

2.1 Collection methods

2.2 Census response rates (final)

2.3 Questionnaires and instruction guides

2.3.1 Questionnaire languages

3. Data processing

3.1 Coding of Indigenous write-in questions

3.1.1 Edit and imputation of Indigenous variables

3.2 Weighting

4. Data quality assessment and indicators

4.1 Data suppression related to confidentiality and data quality

4.1.1 Random rounding

4.1.2 Total non-response rates

4.1.3 Other occurrences when data are suppressed or not available

4.2 Coverage

4.2.1 Data sources

4.2.2 Net undercoverage error for participating reserves

4.2.3 Coverage error for incompletely enumerated reserves and settlements

5. Comparability

5.1 Historical comparability

5.1.1 Differences in the wording and format of Indigenous questions

5.1.2 Legislative changes

5.1.3 Response mobility

5.1.4 Other factors that affect responses to the Indigenous questions

5.1.5 Differences in the list of incompletely enumerated reserves and settlements

5.1.6 Changes made to the census subdivision types associated with the “residence on reserve” population

5.1.7 Comparability of population and dwelling counts over time

5.1.8 Comparability with the Indian Register

5.1.9 Comparability with Demosim projections

6. Conclusion

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