Reference documents

Reference documents help users gain a better understanding of geographic concepts, products and services appropriate to their data needs. This includes reference guides for most geography products that describe the content, applications, data quality and record layouts of their respective product.

What's new?

  • Concept training videos have been developed and are available to the general public to learn about geography concepts and how they relate to census data.
  • The reference guides for all downloadable products are now available through hyperlinks directly on the product download page, instead of being included in .zip files.
  • The format of the Interim List of Changes was improved in 2017 to make it easier to use (sorting, filtering).

Geography Catalogue - thumbnail

Geography Catalogue

The Geography Catalogue highlights what is new for geographic products, as well as links to all of the many census geography-related products.

Illustrated Glossary - thumbnail

Illustrated Glossary

The Illustrated Glossary provides users with definitions of the terms related to geographic concepts along with illustrated representations to aid in their understanding.

e-Learning - thumbnail

Census learning centre: Geography

Concept training videos help users learn about geography concepts, how the concepts relate to census data and how to use geography products to their full potential.

Reference guides - thumbnail

Reference guides

The reference guides describe the content, applications, data quality and record layouts of most geography products.

Attribute domain values - thumbnail

Attribute domain values

Many dissemination products contain coded values that may be difficult to interpret by some users. The domain values page presents a list of the different coded values that can be found, along with their corresponding description.

Interim List of Changes - thumbnail

Interim List of Changes

The Interim List of Changes to Municipal Boundaries, Status and Names provides a summary of the changes to census subdivisions such as municipal boundary or name changes that were processed since the production of the previous Interim List.

Working papers - thumbnail

Working papers

The Geography working paper series is intended to inform users on a variety of topics covering conceptual, methodological or technical work to support the development and dissemination of geographic data, products and services.

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