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Release date: April 27, 2022

Comparison Age and Gender Pyramid

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  • Gender refers to an individual's personal and social identity as a man, woman or non-binary person (a person who is not exclusively a man or a woman).

    Gender includes the following concepts:

    • gender identity, which refers to the gender that a person feels internally and individually;
    • gender expression, which refers to the way a person presents their gender, regardless of their gender identity, through body language, aesthetic choices or accessories (e.g., clothes, hairstyle and makeup), which may have traditionally been associated with a specific gender.

    A person's gender may differ from their sex at birth, and from what is indicated on their current identification or legal documents such as their birth certificate, passport or driver's licence. A person's gender may change over time.

    Some people may not identify with a specific gender.

    Given that the non-binary population is small, data aggregation to a two-category gender variable is sometimes necessary to protect the confidentiality of responses provided. In these cases, individuals in the category "non-binary persons" are distributed into the other two gender categories and are denoted by the "+" symbol.

    "Men+" includes men (and/or boys), as well as some non-binary persons.

    "Women+" includes women (and/or girls), as well as some non-binary persons.

    For additional information, see Filling the gaps: Information on gender in the 2021 Census.

  • Census metropolitan area (CMA) and census agglomeration (CA)
  • Census subdivision (CSD)

Source: Statistics Canada, Census of Population, 2021.

Corresponding data table:

1. Age (in single years), average age and median age and gender: Canada, provinces and territories, census metropolitan areas and census agglomerations with parts

2. Age (in single years), average age and median age and gender: Census metropolitan areas, census agglomerations and census subdivisions

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