Coverage Technical Report, Census of Population, 2016
5. Census data processing

The processing of all the completed questionnaires, regardless of type, includes several steps, from receiving the questionnaires to creating an accurate and complete census database. These steps include questionnaire registration, questionnaire imaging and data capture, editing, error correction, failed edit follow-up, coding, dwelling classification and non-response adjustments, income data linkage, imputation and weighting (for the long-form questionnaire sample).

Automated processes, implemented for the 2016 Census, were monitored to ensure that all Canadian residences were enumerated only once. The Master Control System (MCS) was built to control and monitor the process flow, from data collection to processing. The MCS held a master listing of all the dwellings in Canada where each dwelling was identified with a unique identifier. This system was updated on a daily basis with information about each dwelling's status in the census process flow (delivered, received, processed, etc.). Reports were generated daily and made accessible online to the managers to ensure that census operations were efficient and effective.

For more information on census data processing, see Chapter 3 of the Sampling and Weighting Technical Report, Census of Population, 2016, Statistics Canada Catalogue no. 98-306-X.

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