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Type of Collective Dwelling (16) and Collective Dwellings Occupied by Usual Residents and Population in Collective Dwellings (2) of Canada, Provinces and Territories, 2016 Census - 100% Data

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This table details type of collective dwelling and collective dwellings occupied by usual residents and population in collective dwellings in Canada
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Type of collective dwelling (16) Collective dwellings occupied by usual residents and population in collective dwellings (2)
Collective dwellings occupied by usual residents Population in collective dwellings
Total - Type of collective dwelling 27,780 685,480
Health care and related facilities 15,195 509,220
Hospitals 540 17,680
Nursing homes 2,090 168,205
Residences for senior citizens 3,045 171,405
Facilities that are a mix of both a nursing home and a residence for senior citizensFootnote 1 1,075 86,145
Residential care facilities such as group homes for persons with disabilities and addictions 8,445 65,790
Correctional and custodial facilities 255 24,470
Shelters 995 22,190
Service collective dwellings 8,950 64,795
Lodging and rooming houses 1,800 16,725
Hotels, motels and other establishments with temporary accommodation services 5,020 21,220
Other service collective dwellingsFootnote 2 2,135 26,850
Religious establishments 975 13,110
Hutterite colonies 370 35,010
Other collective dwellingsFootnote 3 1,045 16,690


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Footnote 1

Facilities for elderly residents that provide health care services to some residents (i.e., to residents that are not independent in most activities of daily living), but only support services / assisted services to other residents (i.e., to residents that are independent in most activities of daily living).

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Footnote 2

Refers to school residences, training centre residences, campgrounds and parks.

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Footnote 3

Refers to work camps, military bases, commercial and government vessels, and other collective dwellings such as outfitter camps.

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Source: Statistics Canada, 2016 Census of Population, Statistics Canada Catalogue no. 98-400-X2016019.

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