2016 Census Program Consultation

Before each census, Statistics Canada embarks on an extensive user consultation and testing program. Data users and interested parties across Canada are asked for their views on the type and extent of information they believe should be available from the census. The goal is to ensure that Statistics Canada takes account of emerging social and economic trends and, where appropriate, uses the census to shed light on them.

2016 Census Program Content Consultation


The 2016 Census Program Content Consultation Guide provides the information required to communicate data needs and content suggestions for 2016 and future Census Programs.


Users' information needs and priorities, as well as a better understanding of how Census Program data are used, provide valuable input to the 2016 content determination. The Census Program Content Consultation Report, Census year 2016 presents results from the 2016 Census Program content consultation (September to November 2012) and the 2016 Census Strategy Project (2011).

Content Test

From May 2 to June 30, 2014, Statistics Canada conducted the 2016 Census Program Content Test, which included the mandatory census questionnaire (2A) and the combined census and National Household Survey questionnaire (N1),Note 1 both of which could be used in the next cycle. The 2016 Census Program Content Test: Design and Results report presents the Content Test objectives, the design and the summary of this analysis to determine potential content determination.

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